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A Dog Drawing a Day

April 16, 2015

Some of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook may have noticed a lot of dog sketches popping up on my feed lately.

I always get asked for dogs when I’m selling at shows – as animals are kind of my thing – so I thought it was finally time to rise to the challenge!

It’s the time of year for developing new work, so I’ve been busy getting together a collection of 10 dog breed drawings to make into new tile necklaces and brooches.  Each one is a detailed pencil sketch on textured cream paper, which will be like a tiny works of art for you to wear once topped with resin and finished with their antique bronze effect chain or backs.

I thought maybe you’d like to have a look….

dog sketch

Dog breed drawings


I’ve tried to choose popular breeds like Labradors, Jack Russels, Pugs, Collies and more, but unfortunately there are just too many dogs out there to do them all….I think the Boxer is my favourite 🙂

Who knows, I might get carried away and make them into cards or prints as well!

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