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Made by Hand Wales and Christmas plans.

November 4, 2014

It’s been a long time since I posted here, I can only apologise!

I’ve been using my Facebook page a lot more recently to keep people up to date as it’s so easy to just pop a quick post up every day.  Unfortunately that’s meant my poor Blog has been a bit neglected.  So before Christmas and it’s inevitable madness arrives, I thought I’d just say a quick hello while I have time!

I’ve spent a lot of time recently developing my new ‘Monochrome’ range.  Technically not monochrome (as my lovely Dad helpfully pointed out recently) as there IS colour involved, but they are based around a series of monochrome repeat patterns I designed as the starting point.

These had their first outing this weekend at Made by Hand Wales in Cardiff, and thankfully went down very well.  They are so new in fact that I haven’t even taken proper photos of them yet, so this is just a quick pic to give an idea!

monchrom range quick pic


Whilst we’re on the topic of Made by Hand, I’d like to thank the team who put so much effort into the organisations and smooth running of the weekend.  In particular Sarah James who oversaw the events first year in a new venue.

If you were there you will know that there was an amazing array of beautiful work, so hard to choose, but some favourites of mine were Samantha Bryan‘s wonderful fairies, beautiful leather bags from Williams Handmade, surreal animal/human art dolls from Annie Hutchinson, delicate porcelain from Justine Allison, bold structural jewellery from Chris Boland and crumpled white vessels by Eluned Glyn.

Made by Hand Cardiff best of 72dpiAnd now the real work begins….I’ll be selling in just under 3 weeks at Renegade Craft Fair in London at Brick Lane, and then returning for my second year at the wonderful Bath Christmas Market.  Yikes!

So much to do in preparation so I’ll see you on the other side 🙂


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