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Laser cutting, Resin and Cards

June 9, 2014

Hello! Today I am working in our Co-Op shop Paper Plane, so it’s the perfect opportunity to be getting on with some admin and writing my blog.

I’ve been continuing work on my new laser cut jewellery, and (touch wood – no pun intended) might actually have some pieces to start selling soon! I haven’t decided where I’m getting the laser cutting done in the long run, but I do have quite a lot of stock from my trials so far, so I can at least get that made up whilst I finalise my production.

The next stage of each piece is the resin top coat which I’m applying by hand once I have the laser cut shapes. I really like the depth and lovely domed finish it adds so I was pretty excited with how these came out! (Please excuse the scruffy studio tabletop!).


<a href="https://mybearhands”>20140609-150415.jpg

I was also thrilled to receive these samples through the post of my new greeting cards from The Imaging Centre 🙂 I’m now just waiting for my first order to be delivered. There are 10 designs in total, all of which will be available first at our lovely Paper Plane!


Next up is the Easton Arts Trail this weekend so do pop in and say hi at Garage Studios if you’re in the area!

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