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New Artist Co-Op Shop!

April 3, 2014

I have some pretty exciting news about a new venture and project for 2014…..myBearHands is now part of an Artist Co-Operative and we’re opening a shop!

We’ve kept it under our hats until we’d signed the lease and got the keys, (don’t want to tempt fate!) but now it’s all finalised I can safely say that we’ll be opening in about a months time .

The shop is situated on the top stretch of Gloucester Road in Bristol, and there are 7 of us working together to bring the idea to life.  I couldn’t ask to be sharing it with lovelier people … who are, in no particular order – Alice Rolfe of Rolfe & Wills, Bethan Buss of Boodle Boutique, Alice Shields, Susie Hampshire, Ruth Broadway of Ruby and the Paper Parade, and Tiphaine Lecrivain.

And the name I hear you ask?….will be ‘PAPER  PLANE‘  🙂

We picked up the keys on Tuesday, and have spent a couple of days sanding, painting and generally getting down and DIY….there’s still a long way to go but it’s looking a lot better for it!


A blank canvas…..


….and fizzy to celebrate!…


….a spot of painting over that ‘lovely’ green colour…..


….and voila!  Crisp clean walls to be proud of!


Next to go will be that equally delightful carpet, before we can start thinking about building shop fittings and planning our display.  And of course, being full time makers we will all be running our usual businesses alongside.  Phew!  A busy and fun filled month to come methinks 😉

There will be plenty of updates and pics to come as we progress so if you’re not already following myBearHands on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, just follow the links to be kept in the loop!

Until next time  x

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