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Glastonbury round up

July 15, 2013

A rather belated little summary of my time selling at Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago….it was a lovely few days with plenty of sunshine making for happy festival-goers 🙂

myBearHands was to be found in the Field of Avalon in the Nova Vintage Emporium tent.  Run by the lovely ladies from their Frome vintage shop, they also organise the hugely successful St Catherines Artisan Market, well worth a peep if you’re into your handmade goodies and vintage finds….

nova vintage emporium

…Come on in and you’ll find me sharing a space with the lovely Red Bird Makes!

glasto stand


glasto close ups combo


After a rather slow start on Wednesday (no-one had arrived yet!), things gradually picked up as the days went on, and by the weekend we were nice and busy.  As always it was lovely to meet and chat to some of the lovely folk buying my jewellery – it’s such a good way of keeping in touch with your customers which obviously you can’t do when selling through shops or online.

It’s also a great way to connect with other small businesses.  It’s a real community and we all support each other and help out where we can….we are a pretty friendly bunch us craft and vintage geeks!

Amongst these other sellers in the Nova Vintage Emporium were, of course, the Nova ladies themselves, Red Bird Makes with her beautiful jewellery and Pretty Nostalgic Magazine – all about re-using, handmaking, and generally living a more sustainable and less consumer based life 🙂 … also a shiny gem of a stall selling all things sparkles, which sadly I can’t remember the name of as they had no card or website.

nova and red bird

pretty nostalgic and sparklesSo now it’s time for a little rest from markets for a while as I have to get myself in gear for (gulp) the Bath Christmas Market!  Christmas?! I hear you ask…yes, in the craft world Christmas starts in July.  But until then, stay tuned for more updates from myBearHands at home 🙂

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