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Pulse Roundup

May 16, 2013

After weeks of built up and preparation, Pulse has finally been and gone. And after a couple of good nights sleep I am finally feeling a bit more human again!

It was a fantastic few days, a learning experience, a brilliant boost for my business and an opportunity to meet and chat with people in the industry.

I was thrilled to come away with a good number of orders as well as some great contacts, and also picked up plenty of invaluable advice from buyers as well as fellow businesses. Everyone was chatty and happy to share their knowledge and experiences, which made the whole experience warm and friendly.

With my wonderful parents to help out, I arrived around midday on Friday after an early start, and got straight to business, marking out, measuring and painting my (tiny looking!) stand…


…next came the myBearHands logo and banner, some more measuring and we got the power tools out!….


….finally it was time to put the finishing touches to it and arrange the jewellery….


……tah-daaah!….me looking rather awkward in the finished myBearHands display, and a few close ups of my wonderful Pa’s professional woodworking skills! 🙂



Once up, all that remained was to don my snazzy red trousers and meet the buyers (all fuelled by copious amounts of coffee and jelly beans). It is amazing just how tiring standing in one spot for 3 days can be, but with a little help from my talented neighbours Sabina Savage and Tenali I stayed on my feet! I was gratified to receive some lovely comments about the stand as well as my jewellery, and relieved to know it can stand up in the commercial market. And now its all over….the work begins…time to get going on those orders!

Well that’s probably enough for one day, there were so any other wonderful exhibitors, but I’m going to do a post on that later in the week rather than hiding them at the bottom here!

I will also be sharing my new stockists with you and another exciting exhibition that myBearHands may be taking part in….so stay tuned!

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