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A little bit of inspiration

August 10, 2012

It’s so easy to sit back and relax when there are no impending orders or deadlines. I’m trying to be super disciplined and stock pile work for the flurry of shows coming up, rather than leaving it all until the last minute – very stressful!

But days of making with no client contact, whilst in many ways lovely, can also seem rather directionless and I often find myself losing motivation.

Queue inspirational craft crush of the moment: Helen Noakes.

Sometimes you just need to be reminded of the amazing creations being dreamed up across the country by other artists in their respective studios. I absolutely love the fun in all her work – the combination of the found figures each with a history and story, and the contemporary, clean silver and resin work they are set with.

I find looking at really beautiful, original work of others motivates me to keep developing my work onwards and (hopefully!) upwards. And I don’t mean that I want to produce work like Helen Noakes, I mean that the level of craftsmanship and skill in her work is something I aspire to. I don’t think, for one minute, that I am anywhere near her level at the moment, but maybe, with a lot of hard work, one day….well….a girl can dream hey?!

But for now, back to the desk…who am I kidding, I’m baking a cake 🙂 can’t craft of an empty stomach!

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  1. August 10, 2012 3:33 pm


    Cake baking sounds far more enticing than doing work…if you can’t beat ’em…

  2. August 29, 2012 7:26 am

    Hello! What a lovely blog post, I’m really flattered. I’m only in Salisbury so if you ever want to pop by the gallery/workshop I’d love to see you.

    Best wishes, Helen Noakes

    • September 12, 2012 9:04 am

      Ah, thank you, such a kind offer! I may well take you up on that if I’m ever passing that way. All the best with your beautiful work!

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