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Yummy new fabric

May 31, 2012

I just had to share my excitement with you….I’ve just picked up my new fabric design from the printers, and I have to say (not wanting to blow my own trumpet or anything) that I’m really pleased with the results.  Can’t wait to get making with it!  It’s a new Indian pattern to go with my Cowboys, and hopefully they’ll look really fun together 🙂

I have to give a wee shout out to my lovely Pa, who never gave up hope that one day Indians would join the Cowboys, and I hope the waiting has not been in vain and they live up to his expectations 😉

It was such a treat to pick it up this morning, as I really needed something to lift my spirits.  I’ve had the week from hell trying to fix my broken printer…with the Contemporary Craft Festival coming up in two weeks, and tons of stuff to make, this was not what I needed, and I’ve been a grumpy ball of stress (sorry to my wonderful boyfriend).  So I finally bit the bullet and paid up for a new one…eeeep….but hopefully I can get back to work tomorrow when it arrives.  Fingers crossed!

Anyway, enough rambling.  Back to work!



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