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BUNT!! Illustrated bunting for Bristol Nature Festival

May 23, 2012

Well hello there!  The sun is shining…I’m happy 🙂  it doesn’t take much!

I just through I’d pop a quick picture up of some of my work in progress for a project called ‘BUNT‘.  Run by Drawn in Bristol, the project is in aid of the Bristol Festival of Nature, which aims to raise awareness of all the wonderful, and possibly endangered aspects of local and British wildlife.  I’d like to think I am fairly environment aware, and try my hardest to make ‘ethical’ choices where possible with shopping etc (although I know I could be far more dedicated – but every little helps right?), and definitely have a small animal obsession (just look at any of my work!!) – so it’s definitely a project I support.  The idea was to choose an animal or plant local to the region which is endangered or rare, to help highlight what’s living right under our noses.  I chose the Hazel Doormouse –  and decided to laser etch my drawing into the wooden bunting provided, like so:

I know he looks a bit scary with his empty eyes, but I promise he will super cute once they are filled in!  Now I just have to paint leaves and foliage VERY CAREFULLY all around him.  Some might suggest it would have been prudent to paint first and etch later.  Pah! I say…I like a challenge (ie – didn’t leave myself enough time to paint before my pre-booked laser cutting slot and now have set myself up for some very frustrating painting with tiny brushes!…will i ever learn to be organised?!).

Anyway, there are loads of other talented artists and illustrators working on the same project, and I’m so excited to see them all strung up together when they’re finished!!  Head down the the Festival of Nature to see them on the 16th & 17th June.

Happy sun shine day one and all 🙂

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