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My first Etsy Order!

March 20, 2012

Well this may not deserve it’s own post, but to me it’s pretty exciting….I sent off my first etsy order yesterday! So many thanks to my lovely first customer (who I won’t name as it was a gift…don’t want to spill the beans!). Having just set up my shop, and with lots of goodies still to uploaded, it’s a great encouragement that people are already seeing my shop, and buying stuff too 🙂

Apart from the sales side of things, it’s also been amazing to see how many talented people there are out there creating and selling through etsy. My home page is littered with amazing and beautiful things and shops.

The community base is also brilliant, it’s so refreshing to be in a business market place where people actually want to help and support each other, rather than the hard-nosed business approach you so often come across in the ‘real world’.

If you are thinking of starting up an online shop, and have the time to spend on it, I would definitely recommend etsy. I do think, though, that to succeed, you have to really connect with the community, and spend a good bit of time engaging with what other people are doing. Create ‘treasury lists’ – a collection of other peoples items you love centered around a theme; add people you like to your circle; check out other peoples shops and build up a list of ‘favourites’. That’s my theory anyway….I’ll let you know if it works out that way or not!

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