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Are you sitting comfortably?…Cushions and Chairs

February 21, 2012

Horrah! The long promised cowboy print is now available in fabric! It’s so exciting to see it in real life, and the colours came out brilliantly (despite some trepidation from the lovely lady who printed it due to printer problems).

And it is now available for sale in the form of this luxurious red velvet backed cushion 🙂 Measuring 50cm x 50cm (nice and large for getting cosy), it has a beautifully squishy feather inner for ultimate comfort. This will be the first of many such delights – i have my ‘Jungle’ print ready and waiting at home to be made up, but to bag the first EVER BearHands cushion, pop into the Charlie Boots boutique.

My fabric was also put to the test for an upholstery course at The Makery in Bath recently with lovely tutor Nicky. It was a great day, and I took in a rather battered chair from a charity shop to pull appart and re-cover. Because I’d picked something that needed quite a lot of work, I didn’t manage to finish it during the workshop, and it is now an ongoing project at home. I really want to finish it though, and not relegate it to the pile of projects left half finished (don’t deny it, you have one too!).

My poor chair was stripped, re-stuffed and covered with calico…

…but then the fun began. And this is how it is sitting at home, waiting for me to finish it!

There was a bigger aim to the day for me though – to see whether providing upholstery as a service, with my fabric designs, could be a viable idea to add to my business. As it turns out there is a lot to learn, but I hope to keep practicing and perhaps introduce it at some point later this year. I will keep you posted!

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  1. JonnyT permalink
    February 21, 2012 1:01 pm

    Looks good!! maybe get in touch with “Sofa Riot” and ask them some questions about the viability of reupholstering for them, freelance?

    • February 22, 2012 12:30 pm

      I’d love to do that, and I actually did go down a while ago when they were still on Stokes Croft…sadly I don’t think my style is ‘gritty’ enough for them!! And I’m not so interested in pursuing it just for the uphosltery side, for me it’s about getting my designs out there. Hows the photography going? Good to see your pics in the Bear Pit!

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