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Showcase: Charlie Boots boutique

February 19, 2012

Well it’s about time, since I am have now begun to settle in as a full time member of the Charlie Boots boutique in Bath, that I put some pics up of BearHands new home!

It’s a real pleasure to be a part of, and great to be meeting customers face to face on my days in the shop. Also it’s a good on-going motivator to keep making new things. It’s so important to introduce new designs and products so your brand stays fresh and exciting, but sometimes finding the time to actually sit down and make can be tricky. After all the emails, blogging, deliveries and orders, my day at Uni and time in the shop there’s not much left! But with a permanent outlet, there’s no putting it off. New lines are in production as I speak which I’m really excited about…sneak preview coming soon 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these flavours of everything handcrafted, vintage, ethical and local from the Charlie Boots shop floor…

My ‘Animal ABC’ is now sitting happily behind a beautiful ‘love’ cushion from red bird makes. I love the grey and yellow theme to this little nook!

Got a birthday coming up? Don’t panic! We’ve got it covered from gifts to cards…pop in for a browse of our collection.

My bird necklaces have found a new home in the trees! This is Charlies super cute jewellery display corner, which attracts loads of attention…branches dripping with handmade and vintage necklaces, there is plenty to covet here.

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