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our shop and all my stock

November 10, 2011

so tomorrow is finally here (well, tomorrow it will be!) and i have managed, in addition to severe sleep deprivation, to make a fair bit of stock for our Drawn in Bristol Pop up Shop – quite a mouthful ;-). come down from 6pm to meet the artists and browse our wares…all with a drink in hand and music to entertain.

check out the progress so far…thank you Carys (another DIB member) for this picture. take a peep at her website for all her beautiful work.

i’ve spent a good part of the week at the shop with the other lovely members, preparing it for its grand opening. furniture painting and arranging, picture sorting and lots of cleaning. it looked pretty good when i was last there, so by now it must be sparkling! if you can’t remember where it is, scroll down to my previous posts and its in there along with all my other Christmas ventures.

but in case the sound of 20 or so talented illustrators selling very reasonable priced work and gifts all under 1 roof is not enough already, here are a few more pics to tempt you down tomorrow…

after a long day in the printing studio i came away with some (i hope) very cute notebooks, each hand printed with plain paper, and individually packed to keep them safe. great for your own notes and doodles, or a perfect pressie, and at under £5 you can’t go wrong!

i also put my screen printing to the test on fabric to make these ‘3 Kings’ tea towels. a little Christmassy in theme, but not so much so that you have to put them away come the 1st Jan! these are almost done…just one more crown to add…but what colour could it be?

if neither of those catch your fancy, how about some illustrated jewellery? these pendants are handmade and feature all my furry friends and characters. They also come on a nice long 50cm chain; it is a bug bear of mine that when you buy a beautiful necklace, you so often get it home only to find the chain barely fits around your neck.

also a pic of my shrink plastic necklaces and broaches a bit nearer completion – just chains to add now.

lastly i was very excited to receive my new batch of business cards in the post the other day, horrah! so you can take one away with you if you pop down…and it wont cost you a penny 🙂

well, hopefully i will see some of you tomorrow night, if not, any time before the 3rd December. until then….

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